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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The world does not revolve around you boo boo!!!

People are selfless, considerate, and nonjudgmental. I’m serious. The problem is that we confuse terms while acting irrationally then disguise them as good or blame it on our wonderful upbringing, open hearts and my favorite; Jesus. A pastor would say that the bible teaches one to be selfless, to do unto others as you would like them to do unto you, and only GOD can judge. Let’s explore this a bit more thoroughly.

A selfless person is one who does things for others. If I need something , a selfless person should give to me in spite of themselves. Good person right? On the other hand, a selfish person is one who does things for themselves. If I need something, a selfish person will not give it. Bullshit. What this actually means is that if I get something from a selfish person, I got it because they wanted me to have it, not because I needed it. The best part of that is a person who gives you something because they want you to have it does not expect anything in return. This is the person who buys flowers just because. Where as a selfless person who gave in spite of themselves in turn expects you to do the same for them. A person who gives in spite of themselves does not value themselves and in turn does not value others. In a relationship a selfless person will buy you nice gifts and expect "gifts" in return. They in turn are never satisfied. Eventually they will decide the return on their investment is not in surplus and stop investing. (I just explained why alot of relationships don't work.)

In exploring considerate, we have to keep in mind that I’m speaking about a selfless-consideration. Remember the person who does not value themselves. Yeah! Now we’re talking about how they didn’t call when they were going to be late. There time is not important. Why is yours? What makes you so special? What you think you're Father Time now? They were selflessly giving of themselves to another. There were other things they could have been doing and they were not complaining. So why are you complaining for having to wait? Could you believe that a selfishly considerate person who values their own time will actually value yours too? That person would say, “I want her to call me when she’s late so I’m not going to give her an excuse not to”.  Crazy logic isn’t it. (I just explained why America is never on time. Could this really be an argument to genuinely seperate religion and state.)

You know Christians are not judgmental. Nope, not at all. Remember, they do for others selflessly. So they take time out of their busy lives to assist Jesus in getting your life together as they see fit. They never get to the judging part. They’re too busy trying to save you from a Hell they imagined while selflessly considering that there is no way you don’t drink water and you like it real hot. You feel me. There’s no way in this life anyone would prefer their idea of Hell to their Idea of Heaven. You see, judgment is something passed. So when you pass judgment, you sentence the person and move on. If a selfish person judges your lifestyle as one they want no parts of, they leave you alone. Real simple right? The judgment is “something about you is undesirable”. The punishment is “we will not associate”. ( I just explained why we should stay the fuck out of each others business and worry about ourselves.)

I was a selflessly-considerate, non-judgmental person. I was miserable, so why shouldn’t everyone else be. I selflessly considered my mom when I did a lot of dumb shit. I was giving of myself in spite of me and her. I didn't value myself so I made her give her time and life energy worrying about me. I had a hero complex too. I wasted countless hours and emotions trying to save people who didn’t want to be saved. Damnit, they liked whatever they were doing.  I didn’t get better until I reevaluated what I was saving them from. What Hell? Get real. I wasn’t saving anyone from Hell. I was doing what others wanted in spite of myself and expecting others to be miserable with me. (I just explained why people knowingly spread HIV. A selfless person does not value theier body or yours. They get HIV giving of themselves in spite of themselves, then pass it on in spite of others. A selfish person who values themselves would protect themselves and in turn protect others as well. )

A painter doesn’t paint a picture then stand over it for the rest of his life repainting any part that fades. When he gives it to someone he can’t put stipulations on it that punish the person for how he interprets it or where he hangs it, or even who inherits it after the owner is long gone. For if he did, he couldn’t pay someone to take it off his hands. (Hopefully you caught how I just explained why a lot of people commit suicide.) I refuse to believe that my creator left a list of things for me to do in the meantime, to guarantee me an afterlife that I may not want and very well may not get anyways; since it may not exist.

I am selfish, selfishly considerate, and judgmental. I don’t give money to homeless people because they need it. For all I know they may be living better than me. I give them money because I want them to have it. I take people into my home because I can’t sleep with the idea of them having nowhere to sleep. I don’t expect anything in return for this because I got what I needed. I slept. You feel me. I selfishly consider others because I want them to selfishly consider me. I value my life, my love, spiritual freedom, time, energy, etc. And in turn I value others and theirs. And hell yeah I judge others. You have to, that shit could save your life. I value my feelings, so if I get a bad vibe, then you get gone. End of discussion. Judgment passed, sentence rendered.

Fact is that the world is not a bad place. We have been ill-advised, misinformed and "bamboozled". Most of us are confused, so we appear bad when we actually just have low self-esteem, a twisted view of ourselves, and believe the world revolves around us. The books of the bible were written by people who believed the world was flat. They thought that the heavens were in the clouds and hell was just below the dirt on earth’s surface on the flip side. They had the luxury of believing themselves to be singular. But here today we question life outside our earth. We know the world isn’t flat and we know that the ideas practiced then, make no sense now. Earth is merely a point in space. Get over it. The world has not, does not, nor will it ever revolve around you BOO BOO!!!

This for that chick on the bus that told me she was a God-Fearing Christain and she wanted to help make sure she saw me again in heaven. I politely told her "It's your right to live in fear if you want. But no thank you for the help. I like it hot!!!" I wish I had some cards for the blog. I would have given her one. LOL.